Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Dentist Explains the Power of a Smile: Smiles Affecting the Audience

The smile is a wonderful tool in conveying emotion. There are also studies that say smiles have psychological effects to others and to the individual themselves. A smile has a greater impact with the help of proper dental appearance and maintenance. This can help in creating the effect and benefits of smiling even more successful. The Benefits of Smiling First, smiling is contagious, though in a good way. All the benefits that a smile can give to a person can be transferred by ‘infecting’ someone with a smile. A study by Wild, Erb, Eyb, Bartels, and Grodd says that smiling is a form of non-verbal communication which activates the part of the brain used for smiling in the recipient. Showing a great and attractive smile can catch the attention of others, so visiting the dentist frequently can help in maintaining that perfect smile.

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