Friday, April 1, 2016

Corning NY Dental Pros Deliver Healthy Gums and Teeth for Celeb Smile

Healthy gums and teeth go together. When the gums suffer, the teeth follow and vice versa. This is why routine dental checkup with a Corning, NY dentist is crucial to obtain a perfect smile. Dental checkups can help reveal a developing periodontal disease that needs immediate treatment. Dealing with Periodontal Disease Periodontal disease is a condition characterized by degenerating gum tissues surrounding the teeth. More than 75 percent of Americans over age 35 have some form of periodontal disease. Early signs of this disease include drips of blood after brushing and the pink color of the gums. If not treated immediately, this disease can worsen, weakening the foundation of the teeth, which may cause them to eventually fall off.

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