Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dentist Lists Four Ways Patients Unknowingly Damage Their Own Teeth

Proper oral health is important. After all, poor oral health can result in a less-than-appealing smile. In particularly bad cases, poor oral health can begin to affect other parts of your body. Researchers claim that poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of heart disease, dementia, and respiratory infections. Fortunately, religiously visiting your dentist in Corning, NY once every six months is a good way to ensure your teeth are healthy. A trusted dentist, such as Dr. Maria E. Marzo D.D.S. P.C., can perform different treatments that are designed to keep your teeth strong. Some of these treatments include routine cleanings and dental. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly reverse the good that their dentists have done due to bad habits. With that in mind, be sure to eliminate any of the following bad habits you may have after your bi-annual visit to a family dentistry practice.

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